Gigs For Specialty Acts

Suman Cruise Ship GigsIf you have ever thought your act might be suitable for ships, please get in touch with us. While there are many industry standards listed here on our site, we are always looking for innovative entertainment. If you do something well and know how to interact with an audience, we can maximize your talents and find the right gig for you.

To apply for this gig, please send us the following promotional material through our Application page and we will secure the right job for you. Your package can be sent to our office or submitted digitally via email. You will need the following items:

  • Biography. A brief bio that details your professional experience is essential.
  • Video Promo. The ideal video promo is 7-10 minute video promo with 30 second to 1 minute samples of varied material. Live footage with audience interaction is preferred.

Video Promotional Packages

For consideration of any entertainment position on a cruise ship other than orchestra musicians, video promotional materials must be submitted. An effective promo is the difference between getting hired or not. Don't leave anything to chance.

Please consult our FREE GUIDE on how to create an effective musician's promo before compiling your package.