How to Create an Effective Promotional Package

Suman Cruise Ship GigsThere are 3 parts to any good promo: video, songlist, and bio. Video promotional material is an absolute must for getting booked as a band or solo entertainer. Because of the accessibility of high quality audio editing software, the days of audio promo are over because it is impossible to know how authentic the performance is. Here are some tips to make sure your package is as strong as it can be:


  • Absolutely no longer than 10 minutes. In fact, around 5-7 minutes is ideal.
  • Do not include whole songs. Each clip should be no longer than 1 minute. It is usually best to include the most recognizable part of the song.
  • A selection of 7-10 songs is best. It is important that the songs are as varied as possible. If you are a party band, make sure you have contrasting songs from each genre you perform to show your versatility.
  • Interact! If you record in a live venue, make sure you have moments of talking to the audience, or urging them to sing a long. If you record in a studio, make eye contact with the camera and show how much fun you are having.
  • NO MUSIC STANDS! It is very difficult to interact with an audience with your face in a music stand. A lot of bands and entertainers use stands and sheetmusic as an aid on live gigs, which is ok if done discreetly. But for video promo to a potential new client, first impression is vitally important and having no music stands is much more professional looking.Suman Cruise Ship Gigs
  • YouTube and other video hosting websites are a great way to easily market your video. We highly suggest using this resource instead of mailing hard copies.
  • If you would like to be represented by a booking agency such as ours, it is helpful to have an “agent friendly” video that contains no contact information.
  • Concerning attire, it is important to look nice. Avoid jeans, sneakers, sandals, and t-shirts.


  • Include the name of the band or performer at the top of the song list.
  • Divide the selections based on genre, not by artist or alphabetically.


  • Use correct grammar! Remember, first impression.
  • Avoid long lists that make the biography excessively long.
  • A bio of around 200-250 words is best. This comes to about 1-2 paragraphs.
  • If possible, include a band photo or headshot on the bio.