Why a Cruise Ship Gig?

Suman Cruise Ship GigsNo other job offers you a full time salary to work part time hours while also covering rent, food and transportation. And on top of it, you’re getting paid to see the world!

Why Suman Entertainment?

We know the cruise ship gig better than anyone else out there and that’s because we’ve all worked on ships ourselves. We visit every single ship we book all the time to get insight on the newest developments so that we’re always up to date on the newest things that are going on with different cruise lines. We then take that information and help prepare our musicians with it. We can not only answer any specific questions they have about the gig, we can also give them advice about the lifestyle on board and the best choices to make on the job.

Can I Save Money?

The amount of money that you can save while working on a cruise ship is pretty amazing! You’re saving pretty much everything you make on board because everything on the ship is either free or pretty close to free and the money that you can save is in the thousands and possibly tens of thousands by the end of a 6 month contract! Some people use the savings to pay back student loans in order to get a fresh start after school while others use the savings to buy their main instrument or fund their next album! Some people work back to back contracts and come home and buy a car or put a sizeable down payment on a house! The savings you accumulate on a cruise ship gig can change your entire life.


What Happens If There’s An Emergency?

Suman Cruise Ship GigsMost of the time, travel to join the ships goes smoothly but sometimes there are issues. Sometimes, flights get cancelled or customs gives you a hard time or you have a problem with your visa. All of the musicians that book with us know that in case of an emergency, a Suman Entertainment Team Member will be there every step of the way. We will work hard to resolve the problem for you and get you onboard!

Prepping Our Musicians With First Hand Knowledge

We really do know the cruise ship gig better than most because we’ve all worked on multiple lines and regularly visit each ship we book. We use that first hand knowledge to prep our musicians with all the information they’ll need in order to have a successful gig and hit the ground running from the first day they get onboard.

Interacting With Our Musicians

Suman Cruise Ship GigsWe make sure that a Suman Entertainment Group team member meets personally, either face to face or through video conferencing, with each and every musician we hire in order to establish a more personal connection. We never want our talent to feel like just another random name and number on a database, we want them to know that we’re not only fans of their artistry but that we care! That’s why we make it a priority to meet each and every musician we work with! Now, that sounds simple enough until you find out that we’re America’s largest employer of bands and musicians! In America, more people chose Suman Entertainment Group than anyone else! Nevertheless, we are committed to establishing a personal relationship with each and every musician we work with.

Our Contract

Our contract is easy to understand and completely transparent. We list our services and also list our expectations so that our musicians know exactly what they’re signing up for.

Cruise Ship Summary: 4 Basic Perks

To summarize, the 4 basic perks of working on cruise ships are hard to beat!

        You get paid a steady salary to play music every day
        You live rent free with free meals
        You get to travel
        If you choose to, you can save away tens of thousands of dollars