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Bandmaster/Musical Director/Music Manager
Solo Piano Bar Entertainer - (Piano/Vocalist)
Piano Intermissionist: Non-Singing Cocktail Pianist
Solo Guitar/Vocal Entertainer - (Pub Guitarist)
Guitar Intermissionist - Solo Guitar (Includes Classical/Flamenco)
Showband/Orchestra Piano (Strong Sight-Reading Required)
Showband/Orchestra Guitar - Acoustic, Electric (Strong Sight-Reading Required)
Showband/Orchestra Drums (Strong Sight-Reading Required)
Showband/Orchestra Reeds (Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, and Flute)
Showband/Orchestra Bass - Upright and /or Electric (Strong Sight-Reading Required)
Showband/Orchestra Trumpet (Flugel Horn) (Strong Sight-Reading Required)
Showband/Orchestra Trombone (Strong Sight-Reading Required)
Lead Male Vocalist
Lead Female Vocalist
Instrumentalist That Can Sing Lead and Back-Up Vocals
Nightclub/Party Band (3 – 6 Piece Band)
Classical String Group (Duo, Trio and Quartet)
Caribbean/Calypso Band (Duo, Trio and Quartet)
Country Music Band
Jazz Band
Variety/Party/Dance Duo
Dance Trio
Latin Group (Duo, Trio and Quartet)
Have You Worked for Suman Entertainment Group Before?
Have You Ever Worked on a Cruise Ship in Any Capacity?
If so, what Cruise Line(s), What Ship(s) and What Did You Do? Are you a strong sight reader?
Are you also a singer?
Available Employment Dates (Month/Day/Year - Month/Day/Year) Is there anything else about yourself you’d like to share with us?